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Anderson Financial Coaching is run by David Anderson, a financial coach from Scotland. Trained through Dave Ramsey's Financial Coach Master Training program in 2023. David's other strong influences are Alan Donegan, Mr Money Mustache and of course Dave Ramsey himself. 

David is on a mission to change the way people handle their finances and wants to make the world a happier, less stressed placed!

About us

Welcome to Anderson Financial Coaching!


Financial Coaching feels like an alien concept in the UK. We tend to be reserved and talking about money is frowned upon. But this needs to change. Our school system is not doing enough to help our young people learn about their finances, so they are leaving school with credit cards or overdrafts with no idea of how to manage them. Or more importantly, the consequences if you mismanage them. These children soon become adults, they buy houses, start families, and take on more debt. Before they know it they are staring down the barrel of retirement wondering where the time and all of the money they worked hard for has gone!


I WANT to change this. I NEED to change this.


For most people you hit a point in your life where you have a decision to make, for me, it came a few years ago. ‘This is ENOUGH! I am not living like this ANYMORE!’. And in that powerful moment, you have a choice, you continue to do what you have done before, or you do something different. For me, it was learning about Financial Independence and how to manage my finances better. We had buried our heads in the sand for long enough and now I’d had enough, it was time to do better.


So, I read books, listened to podcasts and read blogs regarding finances and in particular this new concept I had just learned of financial independence. As I learned about my finances I started to spot a lot that was wrong with the world, governments and in particular the way school was teaching finances. This made me recount my own time in school where we received zero education on real life. I was taught how to calculate the circumference of a circle and how to solve algebraic equations but not how debt works, or how banks are profiting off of me being in debt.


So it was during this time that I decided to start a financial independence blog, detailing my journey to financial independence. But this wasn’t lighting me up and I wasn’t enjoying it the way I thought I would. So, I was sitting one day talking to a close friend about how much I love helping people and how much I like working with finances, but I don’t know what to do, I didn’t enjoy the blog, so what else could I do?


‘What about becoming a Financial Coach?’


That was the moment the penny dropped, it rolled everything together for me and allowed me to put my passions to good use. I set about researching becoming a financial coach and what courses I could do. That was when I found Dave Ramseys – Financial Coaching Master Training course. I enrolled, worked my way through the course and here I am today!


I want to do this for a few different reasons,

  • It combines my passions for helping people and talking about finances.

  • I can help make a difference in people’s lives.

  • People can start to win with money who maybe never thought they could before.


My dream for the future of Anderson Financial Coaching –

  • Work with as many clients as possible to have a positive impact on their financial future.

  • Give back to the local community through free workshops, to help boost their financial situation.

  • To grow into the education sector to help our young people gain the financial knowledge they need to live happier lives and master their money at a younger age.


How clients will benefit from financial coaching –

  • Reduced financial anxiety and stress.

  • Increased financial literacy.

  • Greater control over your money.


What has happened in the past is just that, the past. It is what you do in the future that counts now. So lets move forward and lets work together to achieve your financial goals. Sign up for your free consultation today here!

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